Protective Security Lab

Protecting people, places, and organisations by applying research to security risks and problems

Protective Security Lab (PSL)

The Protective Security Lab (PSL) is an applied research centre providing practical, evidence-based solutions to real-world security problems. Part of Coventry University and based in its  central London campus, its main features are:


resolutely focused on delivering impact by solving real-world security problems. Impact is designed into projects from the outset, through co-creation with problem owners, from identifying problems to implementing research findings.


research; evaluation; assurance; expert advice; co-creation of projects, products, and tools; professional and doctoral training and development.


spacious customised building in central London, plus access to all the facilities of Coventry University and, through partnerships, to other UK and international research centres


core academic staff with expertise in a broad range of subjects, including national security, risk, resilience, personnel security, behavioural science, OSINT and GEOINT, geospatial intelligence and sensors, extended reality, financial crime, and strategic communication. Extensive experience of working with government agencies and departments.

Agile Governance

delegated authorities and short decision-making chains

Resilient funding

a mixed economy of income streams from research, CPD, advisory and assurance work, post-graduate programmes, and apprenticeships

Our Mission

Protecting people, places and organisations by applying research to security problems

We do this by:

  • Partnering with stakeholders to understand security risks and co-create solutions
  • Harnessing scholarship, networks, and leadership in creative ways
  • Combining diverse methods and disciplines to generate novel solutions
  • Learning from the past, making sense of the present, and exploring possible futures

Our approach is:

  • Problem led and impact focused: We exist to solve current and emerging real-world problems and deliver practical benefits
  • Holistic: We combine expertise from the physical, personnel and cyber domains
  • Dynamic and adaptive: We respond proactively to evolving threats and risks
  • Independent: We act independently based on the best available evidence
  • Professional: We apply high standards of integrity and security to our own work and strive to be trusted
  • Interdisciplinary: analysing, synthesising and harmonising links between disciplines into a coordinated and coherent whole

Why PSL?

We provide evidence-based solutions to real-world problems, through innovative and engaged research. Our staff have extensive experience of working with government across a range of sectors and we use our convening power to bring together problem owners, subject matter experts and other stakeholders with shared interest in solving security problems.

Areas of work

Our work builds on the expertise of our staff to tackle a range of protective security challenges, including:

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Personnel Security

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Physical Security

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Personal safety and security

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Psychology of security

PSL's intent is to bring together problem owners, subject matter experts and other stakeholders with shared interest in solving security problems. Work with us? we invite you to contact us